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If you’ve spent any time in the Denver scene, you already know about Electronic Tuesdays at Cervantes Other Side. The weekly event from Sub.mission is notorious for showcasing the best in up-and-coming bass artists, as well as some of the most prominent names in dubstep. Last week, E-Tuesdays had a very special holiday gift for us bass music fans and partygoers of all persuasions in the form of our favorite sub-frequencies. The Christmas extravaganza featured b2b sets from some of Denver’s baddest local DJ’s.

The Other Side opened at eight PM and filled up fast for Odd.ity (also known as the Toddfatha) and Thanom. Ind33p and Myxed Up were next with a set that traversed the entire dubstep spectrum, masterfully weaving deep and wonky sounds to create a contagious energy that was only amplified by Sektah and Swayd. Sektah and Swayd tore the floor to shreds. The Sub.mission duo had the Other Side as wild as I’ve ever seen it (and trust, I’ve seen a lot). The unbridled enthusiasm and gun fingas flying were a true testament to the pure and passionate nature of Denver’s bass scene: these rising locals created the kind of electric environment usually reserved for big-name headliners. Keep your eyes on Sektah on Swayd in 2015. And if there’s anyone fit to follow such an act, it was Dubwol and Subliminal. Along with all the dubstep sounds we know and love, the pair notably introduced the classic grimey sounds that are slowly but surely infiltrating American eardrums (you best get to know it now!).

C-G-S2Sektah and Swayd – Eyediola Photography

Tuesday’s official headliners were Grimblee, Coffi, and Supreme; three local-ish favorites with well-deserved widespread presence. We got down to the funkier and glitchier facets of dubstep with Grimblee. Even as I flitted around the venue snapping photos, I couldn’t help but bounce with every step. The vibes inside were seriously Ebola-level contagions.

xmas 97Amye Koziel

  Coffi is another favorite in the Denver scene (smoke blunt). These choice pictures do his set more justice than words ever could:

xmas 89Amye Koziel
C-G-S45Eyediola Photography

After five hours of tireless raging, one might expect a lull in the energy. Such was absolutely not the case. Supreme kept it going well into the night and even a little longer as he was joined behind the decks by Grimblee and Coffi for the night’s final round of b2b madness. When the sound cut off and the lights turned on, no one wanted to leave. The night can’t be over already – we’re just getting started!

xmas 118Amye Koziel

Now that Christmas has passed, I can say definitively that Tuesday was better. Check out these photos from the show from Eyediola Photography (click here for a bonus album from myself). Peep the Eyediola Photography page on Facebook, and make sure to “like” for iconic shots from all of Denver’s craziest events.

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Missed out? Don’t worry, Tuesday isn’t going anywhere. This week (December 30th) Desert Dwellers are here to give 2014 a proper send-off. With support from YuYu, Dubvirus, and Dillard, the night promises to be transcendent. Grab your tickets here before it’s too late. The fun continues into 2015: scope January’s killer Tuesday lineup below. As always, see ya Tuesday!

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