Keep the week rolling along by diving into the latest release from DubCOliNG! It has been a good while since we brought you material from this talented producer so there was no way we could just keep his latest EP ‘Elevate’ to ourselves without sharing it with those whose radars it slid by. Though this EP saw its public debut on Street Ritual in mid December we are sure not all of you are able to keep up with the massive amount of music that hits the internet on a daily basis so we had to bring this  to your attention. DubCOliNG currently resides in Lake Tahoe, CA where he is continually immersed in waves of rhythm and sound. This is only his second and boy can you see how he accentuates his roots in Turntablism, Reggae, Eastern instrumentation, and Eastern chant music. ‘Elevate’ is a four track auditory joy ride that is rich with intricate soundscapes that are bound to take off to an iridescent dancefloor in the stars.

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