We are well aware that not all of you find as much pleasure as we do in drudging the depths of the internet to find new music. For those of you that have an affinity for downtempo material we highly suggest you keep up with our friends at Play it Louder. This web based label//collective is continually bringing to light some of the most talented producers on the rise. While they release a few singles here and there they mainly focus on compilation releases. Thus far this has come across as a very fruitful endeavor because they have been quick to gain notoriety from artists and labels worldwide. ‘Play it Louder Vol. 4’ saw its debut just before the new year and man have we been hooked! This dazzling eighteen track release brings us material from artists both familiar and unknown, that’s one of the reasons we love what they do at Play it Louder. While making the listener comfortable by seeing some familiar faces they also completely open the door for other producers that have yet to garner the attention they deserve. With such a diverse assortment of talent on this release we will leave it up to you guys to listen through and find your favorites!

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