If you’re a fan of sad future beats, and downtempo music, I highly suggest checking out fckthsindstry‘s first project entitled “Sad Stories.” The collective is relatively new to the scene, but after the release of this EP, I doubt they will be for too long. Boasting a unique lineup of talent that includes Ness, Chef Red, XXAA, 11thirty, Kohi, Don Hagan, and Haich the crew put together a pretty special EP on this effort. The seven track EP is a creative journey through the mind of each artist, as they strive to deliver you an emotional and heart string tugging beat. I really love themed compilations of this nature because each artist gets to bring their flavor to the table, and when it all blends together cohesively it can be something truly special. “Sad Stories” is exactly that, and well worth adding to your collection. Pick up the generous free download, and keep your eyes out for more from this young collective. “Only dead fish follow the stream.”


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