If you had a long weekend and you’re in need of some soft, easy listening music to help you shake those Monday blues it’s about time you dove into this new release from San Soma. This light and airy three track release just surfaced yesterday afternoon and happens to be the debut EP from this talented young producer. Some of you may be familiar with his other project Tin Gardens whom we featured multiple times last year. San Soma is Cody Samson’s solo persona and we have a good feeling he will be garnering some serious attention with this alternate platform. Each of these three tracks are riddled with emotion and lush atmospheric production. We would like to extend a huge thanks to The Dope Supremacy collective out of Chicago for hosting this release on their Bandcamp and bringing it to the publics attention! It’s not everyday a talented young vocalist//producer comes out of the woodwork like this so be sure to share ‘San Soma’ around so everyone is cued in to the unique composition of this break out release.

Download Here

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