For those of you yearning for a hefty helping of goopy otherworldly bass music, you came to the right place. At the end of December our friend Spoken Bird dropped the curtains on a special batch of remixes stemming from his debut EP ‘How Old is the Wind’. On this brief yet beefy remix rendition we see Elevated Mind, Devin Kroes, Dubvirus, and Soulular all strut their stuff by contributing an edit. Each of these talented producers definitely have a knack for transporting their listeners to foreign realms far distant from this one we are accustom to occupying.¬†While you can still feel the original vibes emanating from each remix there is definitely a noticeable change up in the overall tone received from this remix release as a whole. We love seeing producers team up for projects like this so we can only wait with baited breath for the next stellar remix project to find its way into our eardrums.

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