We are keeping things rolling along on the exclusive front today by dropping the curtains on another new one for you guys. This one comes from the talented Sigrah as he takes on one of Osiris-1’s new tracks from his upcoming album release ‘The XII Gates’. Aside from Osiris-1 himself dropping ‘Souls of the Dead’ on his SoundCloud a couple weeks ago this is the only other taste of the upcoming album to yet see the light of day. The album will be dropping in its entirety on February 1st via Datura Records & Intelligent Sound but you will be able to get some more sneak peeks as they will be dropping another song from ‘The XII Gates’ each day until then. If you are having trouble adding up all of those days that’s a whopping eleven more tracks to tantalize your ear drums until the official unveiling. ‘The XII Gates’ is a conceptual album based on the twelve gates of the Egyptian afterlife. The idea is that once a pharaoh has passed and been prepped to be mummified he would then partake upon a journey into the underworld, along with all of his belongings. ‘The XII Gates’ gives the listener the perspective of the pharaoh entering the underworld and descending deep into the pits of hell and the hardships that proceed him. Osiris-1 puts a unique twist on the story by bringing in a variety of vibes to aid him in translating this story. We are dealt ominous, atmospheric, soundscapes, and off kilter lyrical segments that truly deliver a unique listening experience. Below we are including the first single exposed by Osiris-1 and we will continue to update this as more tracks surface. Until then be sure to enjoy this remix from Sigrah and grab yourself that free download!

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