In this day and age where computers are so much of a life force behind the music many of us listen to it’s great to see certain artists blending the boundaries between digital production and live instrumentation. In March of 2014 Big Joe Daddy saw the release of his ’11:11′ album which was a wonky blend of glitched out old school jazzy vibes infused with breakbeat textures that left most everyone yearning for more. Alas Big Joe Daddy has put together a special mix of those tunes with some adding flavoring blended in along the way. His goal was to translate the energy from his live shows into a mix that you can enjoy from wherever the music may find you. Here we see some flavors from his upcoming album, VIP mixes of tracks from ’11:11′, and some live bites from the 11:11 Allstars. 11:11 was the name of Big Joe Daddy’s past jazz/funk project and he is now bringing on some of the old crew to spruce things up. Within this mix we hear instrumentation from Rick Zamora (Curtis Mayfield, Janis Joplin) and Mark Oi (Clinton Fearon, John Tchicai), be sure to keep your ears peeled for more Allstars stopping through on future releases! Once you dive in you will quickly realize how different this blend of material is from other mixes you may pick through. This first Allstar mix is a seamless concoction of wonky, funky, and jazzy bass vibes that is sure to have you grooving. Oh and for those of you that missed out on 11:11 when it first came out on Swamp Music we thought we would make things easy on you and just embed it below!

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