To wrap up our releases for this week we have one final track from the talented h00zy! While currently he is better known as The Auganism, one third of Oakland’s genre warping trio Deep City Culture, you guys are sure to fall in love with this new alias of his. Just recently his ‘ThinKy Iz’ EP debuted through our friends at MalLabel Music and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you an exclusive free download of ‘Stuck Where We Are’ from this expansive release. Our first introduction to h00zy is a experimental three track journey through future soundscapes. To set the scene picture yourself aboard a space colony somewhere in the future orbiting the remnants of what is now colonial Earth. As you stroll the halls of the massive complex you hear thumping beats emanating from a distant room and you are automatically magnetized toward this enthralling sound. You turn the corner to find a swanky night club bumping a contagious concoction of tumbling beats and of course you come to find out h00zy is the mastermind behind the enticing sound. Each of the tracks on ‘ThinKy Iz’ are a well orchestrated arrangement of forward thinking rhythms that are sure to transport everyone off into their own temporary reality, that just happened to be at peek at where we were taken off to. You will have to find your way over to Beatport to grab the entire release for your library but you can grab yourself a little taste right now thanks to MalLabel Music.

Download Here

**Bonus Download from MusicYouNeed

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