Those of you on the hunt for something to help you crank those energy levels up for whatever reason might wanna dive into the latest Chinza//Fly mixtape that surfaced last month. These two have worked up an immersive six track release where they show us how versatile they can truly be. These guys got their first big breaks by being the production behind A$AP Ferg’s massive hit ‘Work’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Shanghai’ so it surprises me this tape hasn’t been getting more love! This production duo comes to us from Chicago with a fine assortment of bass fueled, high energy tracks that will be the perfect accompaniment whether you’re riding out with the homies or turning up a bit before you head out for a night on the town with the ladies. There’s no group download for this release so make sure you grab you favorites as you’re listening through if you can’t live without adding some of these beats to your library. Keep your ears perked up and your eyes peeled because you never know when Chinza//Fly will be the masterminds behind another massive chart topping track from your favorite hip hop artist!

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