Looking to stay up on your underground bass music? It’s about time you leant an ear to the latest release from Esseks, a talented producer from the northeast with quite the knack for churning up wild ethereal journeys through sound. His ‘Drops’ EP just dropped on the public and let me start by saying this was one hell of a way for him to kickstart 2015. Each of the four tracks let us have a glimpse at the many sides of this multifaceted producer as he delivers a smorgasbord of varying vibrations. We are dealt everything from gritty bass fueled rhythms to dank textured soundscapes that are guaranteed to whisk you away. This young producer released this EP himself through his Bandcamp so be sure to cruise on over there to grab yourself a download and maybe slid him a little donation if you’re feeling generous. While artists do love to give away their music for free there is a lot of time and soul that goes into crafting these releases for us to enjoy so I’m sure he appreciates all the love given back to him in exchange. Keep your eyes out for more material from Esseks as 2015 rolls along because this guy has some serious talent folks!

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