We know there are plenty of you hankering for a hefty helping of organic bass vibrations to jump start your weekend so we are hear to cue you in on the debut release from Devin Kroes! The team over at Chillage Records is starting off 2015 with a bang by dropping the curtains on Devin’s debut ‘Through The Window’ EP. Devin is an underground bass producer that will surely be gaining some attention as people find their way to this new batch of tunes which even includes a remix from the ever talented Wu Wei. Kroes is quick to ensnare our eardrums with soft textures and dribbling bass rhythms right as we dive into the opening track ‘Heartbeat’ and before we know it we are whisked away in a tumultuous array of goopy, organic melodies. Let the music take over you and allow it to transport you off into a brief alternate reality where you face the unknown with Devin Kroes as your co-pilot. Per usual with releases on Chillage Records you can grab yourself a copy of this existential release for whatever price deems fitting, even if that is free. We are truly blown away with the quality of material featured on this EP seen as it is his debut, we can only hope the best for this young producer as we continue to watch him spread his music with the world.

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