I’m sure lots of you had a rough and wild weekend. For those on the hunt for something to wind down to and ease the nerves, or perhaps a lingering hangover, we have just the ticket. ‘Enfermedades del Alma’ is the most recent album to surface from the hatches of John Shrimpnose and it is loaded with laid back, easy listening hip hop beats. For those of you unfamiliar with this young musician he is a quick witted crustacean that is quickly developing his sound in this unknown world. This young shrimp messiah is coming to us from the heart of Minneapolis with a chilled out sultry production style that is sure to tickle your fancy. Having had a knack for music since he was but a young prawn he has been quick to pick up the secrets of his shrimp higher ups to proceed along the path to discover the tricks of the greats that came before him. While many of you might not have heard of Shrimpnose prior to this post ‘Enfermedades del Alma’ is simply another addition to his ever growing collection of material. If you are feeling what he is putting down on this latest release be sure to cruise over to his Bandcamp where you can delve into the rest of his catalogue. For those of you that just can’t get enough Shrimpnose we also slid in a few of his other recent productions to keep you up to date!

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