Like we mentioned when we recently brought you Spoken Bird’s most recent remix release we just love when producers let other artists morph their original material into their own creations. Today we have the latest release from Oakland’s Street Ritual team in the form of Karmasynk‘s ‘Psymatiks : The Replotting’. This is a brief three track remix release that features edits from his debut release ‘Psymatiks’. One thing in particular I like about remix releases is that they often time turn me on to new producers, which is exactly the case with this conglomeration of edits. For those of you unfamiliar with Karmasynk, he is a twenty one year old from Pune, Maharashtra, India that came to the states to attend school in Los Angeles. How he went from coming out here for class to conjuring forth otherworldly bass music I’m not quite sure but he definitely has the ability to open rifts in the space time continuum which allow us to transcend reality. Karmasynk brings on MoloKaii, Heavenly Father, and 5AM to rework and reform some of his original material and least to say, they kill it. Each artists morphs the original tracks into their own textured voyage through the realms of our consciousness as we drift through the ether with these talented producers at the reigns.

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