We thought you guys might be in need of a fresh new exclusive to help you recover from the weekend. Recently we were put in contact with LENORD by another fellow Canadian producer and man have we been feeling what this young artist has been churning out. In this brand new edit we see him take on the laid back instrumental of LKD’s ‘Cardiac Incarceration’. LENORD had the ins from the beginning with this one because LKD happens to be his roommate and he was able to witness this track come to light from the very beginning. Once he finally got a hold of the stems he made a valiant effort to turn this smooth downtempo melody into his own unique creation. After countless days of work LENORD was finally satisfied with what he had put together and here we have his ‘Cardiac Incarceration Remix’. A little more about LENORD before we go any further. His work is riddled with simplistic symmetrical minimalism but at the same time we see hints of off-kilter experimentation as well. Taking a quote straight from the artist, ‘It sounds like someone poured bong water on a TR-808’. LENORD wants his music to take the listener off into their own imagination where they can conjure up their own meaning behind things. All of that being said; roll one up, crack a beer, and delve into this grainy downtempo rendering of ‘Cardiac Arrect’.

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**Check out the original below**

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