Last year a new independent label from London surfaced by the name of Youtellme and they have been making waves every since. SYRE’s ‘Bassline’ is their most recent release which debuted just before the new year. By closing out 2014 with this wonky single we can hardly wait to see how they kick off 2015. SYRE is a young producer coming to us by way of Canada with a unique off-kilter production style that is sure to suck you in. ‘Bassline’ is loaded with plenty of undulating bass rhythms and bouncing synth progressions to get you moving. Though Youtellme has featured a few well known artists since their start last year they have also been doing a great job of bringing underground talent to light. SYRE is one of those producers we hadn’t come across before being shown this track but we are now assured he will be making waves this year with his stand out production style. That all being said make sure to keep an eye on both Youtellme and SYRE as 2015 rolls along because you are sure to see them making serious moves.

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