For those of you that are fans of electrifying future funk vibes you better take notice to Lando, a talented producer on the rise from Austin, TX. Lando is part of the Resonant Frequency team, a group of producers that have been churning out some cutting edge electro soul music that is sure to have you up and on your feet. ‘3rd Eye’d Ride’ is a new single from Lando’s upcoming collab album ‘Sophrosyne’ that just surfaced on SoundCloud last week. The album will be a collaborative effort between Lando and Resonant Frequency drummer Local Color and if this single is any sign of what we are in for you guys better be ready to get down. This release will be made up of some of the first tracks they made together and others that really helped both artists get comfortable with their sound. Some of them have been staples in a lot of their live shows lately so if you have had the pleasure of catching them live maybe you will recognize a few once the album sees its public debut. In addition to this collaborative release the guys have also been busy on the Resonant Frequency side of things, continually grinding out new material for an upcoming series of single releases that will carry them into the summer months. Hopefully this new single is the perfect remedy to get your week started on the right foot! Keep an eye out for the rest of ‘Sophrosyne’ to drop in the not so distant future along with some funky fresh new vibes from Resonant Frequency.

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