It’s not everyday that we have the pleasure of bringing you hot new hip hop via our exclusive releases so when we have the chance we often like to hop right on the opportunity. We were first put in contact with these talented artists when KILLer Kane reached out with hopes of us hosting one of their next tracks they were working on. When he shot us over ‘Tribal Knowledge’ we knew right away this was a track you guys would definitely be vibing on. On this new single from Skip Blasé he brings in his boy Marrow to do this KILLer Kane beat some serious justice. The guys churn up a laid back ethereal smokers anthem that is surely going to have you looking for your bag and some papers. Kane’s smooth ghostly production provides the perfect atmosphere for these talented two emcees on the rise to do their thing. Blasé and Marrow trade off verses as the smoke thickens and before we know it we are left yearning for more. All of these guys are coming out of South Jersey with a seriously unique style so we highly suggest checking out some more of their preexisting material if you feel where they are coming from on ‘Tribal Knowledge’.

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