It’s been awhile since we threw up a late night post. This one is for you night owls looking for some lush downtempo bliss to carry you away. Just last week Sloff & SoundPatrol brought this new single to light and we have been truly captivated since it surfaced in our stream. The two of these talented producers have concocted a truly addictive arrangement of dreamy textures and melodies woven amidst airy vocal samples that is sure to sooth the soul. It wasn’t until recently that both Sloff and SoundPatrol came up on our radar but now we cannot seem to get enough of these talented producers from Russia and the Netherlands. As of now neither of them has received nearly as much attention as they deserve but we know it’s only a matter of time until the music of these skilled young artists finds the right listeners to help them really take off. With a his debut EP slated to drop in March you can rest assured you will be seeing both of these guys featured on The Dankles again in due time. Until then enjoy the free download of their most recent single ‘Crystal Phantoms’.

Download Here

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