It’s been a long Tuesday, and this feel good track couldn’t have strolled through my Soundcloud stream at a better moment. You may remember PEGA5U5 from our post about their debut LP “The Flock.” The west coast bass duo consisting of Mr. Rogers and Pharroh (formerly known as Agustus thElefant) provide a unique sound that blends dripping bass music with underground hip hop vibes. This track however is neither of those things. It’s a stripped down version of their sound in the best way possible. Forget the hip hop lyricism coupled with squishy bass lines, and start thinking funk rhythms ground up and twisted between fresh dance vibes. The duo have rearranged and beefed up D’Angelo‘s “Sugah Daddy” with their own flavor. This one goes from the couch to the bedroom real quick. Scoop the free download, and keep your eyes out for this talented duo.

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