This mix isn’t anything casual, but a heavy hitter right off the bat. The backbone of it is built off of the trapped-out fluidity and cocktailed with a sassy singe of glitch-hop, guaranteeing a proper 40-minute power hour of space-trap. The assortment of electronic sub-genres jam-packed into this mix is absurd, ranging from the filthiest of dub grime, the trappiest high-tones plausible, along with some tech-house to keep your heart rate up. It can be understood that within listening to the first ten minutes of these new beats, G Jones is tossing it down harder than ever and after a crazy last year of touring alongside Jackal, Minnesota, and many others, along with closing out 2014 supporting the infamous Dave Tipper and Bassnectar on New Years Eve in Nashville, it’s hard to imagine what he has up his sleeve for us next. With a 19-track mixtape hitting so heavy on the masses, Greg seems to be feeling exactly what his rapidly growing fan-base is, and if he keeps dropping bombs like this, he’ll be slaying it harder than ever. Big ups to Greg on this one, nobody should hesitate to bump this. Oh, and forget the neighbors, turn this shit up!

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