We just recently stumbled upon the talented Souche Young via SoundCloud and man does this kid have skills. Once we dove into his latest EP we just couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention. Souche closed out 2014 by bringing us ‘Me Myself & Souche’, a fine arrangement of material that he belted out between 2012 and 2013. Souche brings new life to the hip hop world with his laid back stylings. Whether you’re out there grinding, looking to roll up, or a little something for the ladies Souche will provide you with the perfect soundtrack. One of the first things to catch our attention aside from his lyrical skill was the fact each track on this release features killer production. Souche chooses a wide array of chilled out, rich, and atmospheric beats that truly give added life to each track. Considering ‘Me Myself & Souche’ is composed of old material it really makes us wonder what he will pull out in 2015. Though we aren’t sure what the future holds for this artist on the rise this should tide you over for a bit while you rinse the eighteen tracks that make up this recent EP.

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