Recently our favorite intergalactic messiah dropped a whole package of bootlegs on us. Space Jesus promptly titled the release ‘B​(​. Y .​)​TLEGS’ for two simple reasons, each edit tucked up in this download is the tits and you know all the chickies are going to be shedding their tops wherever you drop one of these bad boys. While most of these have already surfaced on the web somewhere or another Space Jesus did us a solid and put them all together into one cohesive download for your listening pleasure. For those of you familiar with Space Jesus you know that he can take his sound to so many untold realms of bass music its astounding. This bootleg release is a good example of this as we get to see him remix everything from Tiga’s ‘Bugatti’ to the Grateful Dead’s ‘Looks Like Rain’ while dipping his toes in multiple different genre pools in between. You can get ahold of these warlocks via Space Jesus’ Bandcamp which you will find promptly embedded below!

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