We wanted to start this week off with a bang so we thought it only right to share the latest Focal Point release with you guys. If you’re a frequent listener here at The Dankles you may have seen this young producer on the rise pop up on your radar a couple times over the past year via previous features on the site. Focal Point was relentless in 2014, conjuring up a large catalogue of unique electro soul beats in a fairly short time span. While he only let a handful of singles//remixes seep out to the public he is changing things up this year by starting 2015 off with a bang. Focal Point is coming for your eardrums in a big way with his latest release ‘While You Wait’, a well orchestrated journey through time and space. Having just premiered last week via The Untz, this mind numbing ten track release has already been scorching across the web and bringing in listeners from all around. For those of you previously unfamiliar with this local Boulder producer diving into this new batch of tracks is definitely a fitting introduction. Throughout each of the tracks that make up this release we are hit with a fine array of funkified, bass fueled, soulful compositions with a little dash of hip hop sprinkled in there as well. Regardless of where this release finds you we are sure it’s going to brighten your day. Whether its the smooth transitions from song to song, the fact he might have sampled one of your favorite throwback tracks, or the fact you can grab all ten tracks free of charge be sure to let Focal Point know what you think of ‘While You Wait’ because we know he sure would appreciate it!

Download Here

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