The remix is a unique and underappreciated art form. More than a simple re-work, a quality remix highlights a side of a story that the original song may not even hear itself telling. Liminal’s remix of “Come Home” by DJ Lee, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy is a rare example of this form at its finest. Hailing from South Carolina, this drum n’ bass duo is on the front lines of the genre’s winning battle for American relevance. Their dance floor ready re-imagination of the 2005 tune offers a convincing argument for drum n’ bass’s persevering place in the fabric of the dance music scene. Liminal’s remix of “Come Home” is one to rage to. The energetic take on the ten year old tune (!!!) is refreshing and inspiring. This is no drum n’ bass “revival”: the genre is a living organism still growing strong from its roots. Check out the original song, then listen up to this clip of Liminal’s remix exclusively on The Dankles. There are big things up Liminal’s sleeves for 2015 – follow ‘em on SoundCloud to catch all their newest noises.


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