Italian producer Raffa FL continues his steady stream of dancefloor bombs with the release of his ‘The Jam’ EP, out now on Lost Records. Known for his wholesome, rolling basslines and soulful chops reminiscent of that 90’s house sound, Raffa FL has had releases on Material, Sanity, and petFOOD just to name a few. ‘The Jam’ starts off with the aptly-named “Super Jam.” Heavy, grooving basslines, and shuffling percussion are what drives this track, as Raffa FL starts things off with a bang. Next up is the acid-tinged “Riddim,” which is another peak-set heater that’ll be sure to universally destroy dancefloors. “Overdub” is a mesmerizing, immersive track that takes the acid influence and really runs with it, showing off Raffa FL’s 303 skill. German Sven Tasnadi is on remix duties for “Super Jam,” stripping the song of it’s bass-heavy roots and adding a lot more complexity in the higher frequencies. System2, who remixed “Riddim,” are on my short list of artists to watch in 2015. After exploding onto the scene in 2014, System2 has proven that they have that OG house sound on lock. Their remix is no different, with a massive synth and an even bigger bassline, this track is sure to be in my bag for a long time.

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