We wanted to start February off with a bang so we thought why not hit you guys with some more exclusive track to material to jump start your week! This new single comes to us from Toy Box, a gifted young producer coming to us from the heart of Denver with a quality production style that is sure to be garnering attention as he continues progressing. From what we have seen surface from his thus far it’s clear that Toy Box is still coming into his own while continually experimenting with his sound. ‘Always’ is a crisp introduction to the young producer; he dishes out a dreamy arrangement of tumbling bass lines in the midst of light and airy vocal samplings that are indefinitely going to suck you in. If you’re looking to lean on back and wind down for the evening this track is sure to be the perfect fit. That being said, Toy Box is a breathe of fresh air into the Denver music scene and we cannot wait to see where he takes things in 2015. That’s enough from us though, we will let Toy Box take the reigns as he whisks you away on this brief atmospheric journey through sound.

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