Douse your day in some deep and dark bass vibes from Denver local Templo. Just last week he unleashed his new single ‘Spiders’ and it has been finding its way into all the nooks and crannies of the internet. Templo concocts a ominous, atmospheric soundscape that would find a fitting home on the soundtrack of a deranged sci-fi flick. Dank textured beats paired with guttural bass vibes take us away into the darkness so you better buckle your seat belts before diving into this one. If you happen to be making your way down to Tucson this weekend for the annual Gem & Jam festival then make sure you get there early on Friday where Templo will be kicking things off for the evening. If you’re not coming down to Tucson but happen to be in the Denver area you can still catch a live set from Templo on February 11th when he will be opening up for Thriftworks and Russ Liquid for Euphonic Conceptions upcoming Re:Creation event. For those of you unfamiliar with this talented producer on the rise be sure to peruse his SoundCloud where you can get your hands on all of his music free of charge.

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