Just last month we were fortunate to bring you a special peek at Nas-Ja’s previous release ‘Earth Cubes’ on MalLabel Music but now he is back with another brand spankin’ new EP on Street Ritual called ‘Collective Undertone’. If you caught his last batch of tunes then you already know that this talented producer on the rise has some skills. This Colorado native now residing in Lake Tahoe is quickly developing a keen ear for crafting ethereal bass music. Nas-Ja looks to nourish the soul with deep, meditative, and rhythmic production that is sure to pluck those heart strings. The atmospheric melodies he infuses with undulating percussion will be quick to whisk you off your feet and take you away into the stars. We are lucky to bring you ‘Imagine’, while this is the closing track on ‘Collective Undertone’ it was definitely one that truly stood out to us. Each track on this immersive four song release flows seamlessly into one another so be sure to listen in from the beginning when you have the chance. While Nas-Ja has been in the familiar with the underground bass scene since 2007 it wasn’t until recently that he cropped up on our radar with his unique and stand out production. Now turn up those speakers and dive into the world of Nas-Ja as he conjures forth yet another blissful auditory journey for your listening pleasure.

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