In early December the team over at Youngbloods brought us their second release from Suplington, a talented gem in the rough from the UK. On ‘Tokyo Reflections’ we are dealt a wide array of lush downtempo melodies infused with bouncing bass vibes that are sure to grab your attention. ‘Tokyo’ sucks us in with light and airy bird samples woven in and out of alluring basslines before ‘Escapism’ takes us away on a cushiony and dreamy house fueled adventure. This style holds true as we are carried off by two more original atmospheric productions of equal caliber. Alphabets Heaven, Rhodo Dendron, and Sage Caswell come in on the tail end of things to wrap up this release with three of their own interpretations of originals on ‘Tokyo Reflections’. Hearing other artists put their own spin on things is always an interesting way to close out an EP. For those of you that really find yourselves immersed in this release you should follow the link below to get your hands on one of the special limited edition vinyls printed for this release on translucent green 12″ vinyl (along with a digital download of course). One last thing, if you are truly vibing with Suplington be sure to keep your ears peeled for his contribution to our Guest Mix Series that will be premiering in a couple months!

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