To help you guys ease into the weekend we have been graced with the opportunity to bring you a new single from two skillful artists on the rise. Bast is a talented singer//songwriter from San Diego that has a true way with words. On ‘Let It Go’ she teams up with hip hop emcee PWEST to add some lyrical accompaniment to her vocal melodies. These two west coast artists have been making some steady noise in the underground over the past few months so don’t be surprised if you begin to see their names floating around more in 2015. Spin Timeless churns up a frothy ethereal beat to back this lush downtempo R&B//hip hop track that will quickly envelop your ear drums. As we dive into ‘Let It Go’ Bast is quick to get things in gear with her light an airy voice before PWEST delivers a few verses of silky smooth lyrical genius to really bring this track full circle. The video paired with this single is directed by Cory Davis and truly compliments the vibes present throughout the track very well. All in all they knocked this one out of the park folks. Take a few minutes out of your busy day, lean on back, and check out this cinematic new video//single from Bast and PWEST.

Download Here

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