It’s not everyday that we are fortunate to bring you guys and early exclusive peak at an entire forthcoming album so we wanted to make sure we seized this opportunity. At the end of the week Len Sander will be dropping the veil on their new ‘Phantom Garden’ LP and this is surely a release you don’t want to sleep on. Len Sander delivers us an atmospheric nine track album that is strewn with lush vocal melodies and backed with truly stand-out production. Throughout the entire album our eardrums are tantalized with their mesmerizing vocal measures as they weave in and out of the rest of the bands backing sound. Len Sander is a group of rising stars coming to us from Zurich, Switzerland with a truly stand out style of vocally driven ballads that are quick to sweep you off your feet. Blanka Inauen, Alessandro Hug, Flavio Schönholzer,
Markus Brütsch, Simon Inauen, and Dennis Schärer all team up to create Len Sander. These six musicians all have roots in a variety genres of music but come together to deliver us fresh, crisp, and well constructed soundscapes that are bound to carry you into a dreamy daze. While ‘Phantom Garden’ isn’t available to the public until Friday February 20th you can take an early listen to our exclusive stream embedded below. If you’re feeling Len Sander’s new LP be sure to read through the brief little Q&A the crew was nice enough to fill out for us!

How does it feel to finally get your record out? You started writing this material a decade ago, correct?

It’s a great feeling of course, especially because we’ve been working on this record for so long. And we’ve been working on it in such a secluded way that it is strange, rewarding, and amazing to get all these positive reviews and feedback and to see that are actually real people outside who are interested in what we’re doing here. That’s definitely a good feeling and we will celebrate of course, after the official release, with booze, food, dancing and just being good friends instead of hard working musicians for once!

It took us almost a decade to search for our own, individual sound and to define what we wanted to to musically. We’ve gone so many different ways in the last years. But there was  a time, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, when we knew that we found a type of music that we wanted to work on and to put out in the world. So this was when we started working on songs that we knew we would release with a record.

It doesn t feel dated to you now? Are the feelings embodied on the record still relevant?

No, not at all, because as soon as we finished recording the songs for the album we started to play them in the band and make them suitable for the stage. As musicians we want to experiment and try new things, so we are interpreting the songs quite freely. So listening to Len Sander live won’t compare to listening to the record. I guess this means that we are actually still living in the phantom garden. And this is true not only musically but also emotionally. The feelings inhabiting the songs are very actual to us, and are indeed still relevant. Nevertheless, the day we finished the album was the day when we started working on new material and we’re also excited about that and about always taking new directions in our music.

Any secrets about the record that you d like to reveal right now? Is there something about individual songs that maybe wouldn t be apparent on a first listen?

The record is full of secrets. Concerning the lyrics, they are very personal and that means that there are true stories behind them, but I wouldn’t reveal these stories, so they must stay secrets. And I also like the idea that listeners interpret the music freely and put it in relation to their own experiences. I think that the music is only complete when it makes someone feel something, and that feeling, of course, is very individual. But there are also ‘musical secrets’. When we played the record to our friends, we realised that everyone had their own favourite song. I guess this has to do with the many different ways you could listen to the songs. There are a lot of details to discover. We invested a lot of time to insert hidden noises that are created with instruments but you wouldn’t recognise them as such. We love to experiment with sounds, and the source of these sounds is kind of secret but you can discover it by listening to the music carefully.

How would you recommend for this record to be consumed? The ritual, the setting, the state of mind, the type of equipment?

First of all, a good pair of headphones couldn’t hurt. Or if you happen to own a nice basement with some really good speakers perfectly settled, get down there and enjoy! You have to give it your full attention, get in the right mood, pick a perfect time. If you happen to create this kind of fitting setting.

What do you think American readers associate with Switzerland?

The most logical thing to say would be ‚cheese’, ‚chocolate’ and ‚diligence’, I guess. But just for the fun of it, let’s say some random things like ‚Edelweiss‘, ‚Bernhard Russi‘ and ‚Allotment Gardens‘. Unfortunately, things readers from other countries usually don’t associate with Switzerland are brilliant bands…But there are a lot of upcoming artists with a fine taste in music such as ‚Wolfman‘ or ‚True‘! Just have a listen, you’ll be surprised.

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