Mr. Sampson Press Shot 2

The latest edition to our ongoing guest mix series comes to us from the minds of Mr. Sampson. Surely some of you might have not yet stumbled across this talented live electronic duo coming to us from the streets of Philadelphia but this should serve as a proper introduction. These two talented artists have laced up a concoction of laid back, head nodding, hip hop infused melodies that are packed with just enough bass to keep the blood flowing and your hips swaying. Though this mix is a little shorter than some of our previous releases we assure you it packs an equal punch. Consisting of predominantly original material from these producers on the rise they do happen to slide in a few tracks they have been vibing on lately along the way as well. Recently Joe Haederle and drummer Aaron Harel released “Weight of Time” from their recently announced EP The Gathering Storm” so be sure to grab yourself a free download of that below as well (you can also catch them working it into their guest mix). 

 Download Here


0:00 “Mistakes” – Mr. Sampson
3:03 “Untitled” – Mr. Sampson
5:01 “Wonderful Night” – Mr. Sampson
6:43 “Love is Real” – Moods
9:21 “MVP (Mr. Sampson Edit)” – Big L
10:59 “Weight of Time” – Mr. Sampson
12:59 “Once Again” – Mr. Sampson
14:35 “Southeast Dreams” – Tantu Beats
16:53 “After Hours” – Mr. Sampson
19:25 “Never Will” – Mr. Sampson
21:45 “Ripples” – Mr. Sampson
23:05 “Untitled” – Mr. Sampson
24:57 “Understand Me Now” – Pretty Lights
29:30 “Fall Out” – R@S
32:40 “On The Run- Mr. Sampson

Download Here

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