If the title of this brand spanking new compilation didn’t lure you in enough then it’s about time you dove into the swamp and familiarized yourself with the latest from the Chillage Records team. This west coast imprint has brought developed a knack for bringing us some of the most cutting edge and current bass music that is leaking onto the scene. They are continually giving artists on the rise their own time to shine and this new compilation is no different. If you have kept up with Chillage Records you will definitely see some familiar faces like Perkulat0r, Elevated Mind, Spoken Bird, and Intellitard making an appearance with new material. In addition to those guys we also see Esofact (Urple Eeple & Isturite), Mind Speak (Spoken Bird & Elevated Mind), Isturite, R@DISH, Megowan, and Lucid Solution (Spoken Bird & Lazer Tooth) lend a special otherworldly track to ‘The Goop Chronicles Vol. II’. While a majority of this compilation is composed of remixes we do see a couple of originals slid in there as well even though each remix completely morphs the original into a distant imagine of its previous self. As you listen through the release you will find a handful of throwback tracks that are rejuvenated and given new life by this talented team of producers on the rise. If any of these guys truly captivate your ear drums be sure to find your way to their respected digital outlet to get comfortable with the rest of their material!

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