If you have yet to have your eardrums tantalized by the off kilter stylings of Yheti this should serve as a proper introduction. Yheti has been on our radar for the past few years, continually churning out left field electronic music that is unique in every way. At points it even seems as if he is channeling coded messages from distant alien races and morphing them into audible wavelengths for our ears to digest. He infuses multiple elements of bass music into his work, from spacey far out vibes to hyphy future trap you truly never know what you’re going to get when you dive into his new material. The ‘Omnifuture Mix’ he just dropped on us earlier this week is a prime example of this. Gut rumbling bass is interlaced with echoing vibes of the cosmos to take us away on a eclectic forty minute journey. Oh and did we mention each of the seventeen tracks that make up this mix have yet to see the light of day? Least to say we are truly excited to get our hands on some of these tracks when they surface individually. Another great thing about this talented Ohio based producer is that he puts all of his music out to the public free of charge, you can get ahold of anything from his entire discography to his stem collection if you’re a producer that’s looking to whip up a little Yheti remix (we will included a link to his discography below). Hopefully this mix will tide you over until Yheti drops some more heat on us, but in the mean time check out his upcoming show schedule to see if he will be coming to a city near you!

Yheti – Omnifuture Intro
Yheti – The Sage ∞0:40
Stagga – Name the Game (Yheti Remix) ∞2:40
Yheti – Foreign Lazers (feat. Doshy) ∞5:20
Yheti – Make Some Money (forthcoming Robox Neotech)∞8:20
Yheti & Spankalicious – What ∞11:25
Yheti & Toadface – Ghetto Karma ∞14:00
Yheti & Toadface – Insect Consciousness ∞17:35
Yheti & Space Jesus – Believe Yeah ∞19:55
Space Jesus – Slomosapian (Yheti Remix) ∞22:00
Yheti – Changes ∞24:30
Yheti & Esseks – Voices in the Dark ∞27:20
Yheti & Bleep Bloop – Pachyderms ∞29:40
Yheti – So Real ∞32:30
Yheti – Bushwacked ∞34:30
Yheti – Cypher ∞37:10
Supersillyus – Bananotechnology (Yheti Remix) ∞38:30
Yheti – The Beginning of the End ∞41:30

**All tracks featured in this mix are currently unreleased**

Download Here

Tour Dates:

Feb 21st – Louisville KY with Bleep Bloop –> RSVP

March 7th – Dayton OH with Grimblee –> RSVP

March 13st – Cincinatti OH with G Jones –> RSVP

March 27th – Indianapolis IN —> RSVP

April 4th – Alex Grey’s COSM —> RSVP

May 15th – Beldentown CA, Emissions Music Festival —> RSVP

May 27th – Oakland CA, Wormhole with Toadface

July 4th – Columbus OH , Farm on Fire Festival —-> RSVP

Download Yheti’s Discography Here

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