For those of you on the hunt for something laid back and dreamy to carry you through the weekend we highly recommend diving into this new Insightful release. ‘All That Is Left Is Right’ surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago and we haven’t been able to go a day without immersing ourselves in it since then. With an ever growing catalogue of diverse downtempo material this new album is definitely a great addition to anyones collection. Right from the opening track we are swept off into an atmospheric ether that is sure to leave you riddled with emotion. Cinematic soundscapes are laced together with lush vocal sampling that give some of the tracks a truly haunting vibe that we cannot get enough of. We love that most every release from Insightful is hefty helping of tracks; ‘All That Is Left Is Right’ is composed of thirteen tracks that encompass a wide variety of vibes. Another great thing about this new album is that you can grab yourself a copy free of charge! While not all of his material is free Insightful is one artist that does continually give back to his listeners by sliding us free material and we love him for that. Now if you have still yet to press play and dive in, it’s about time you do so. Throw on the headphones, lean on back, and get lost in this new world Insightful has conjured up for our listening pleasure.

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