Ease into the evening with a brand new release from the mind of Johnathan Thomas. ‘In-Between Dreams’ is a concept EP he has been hard at work on over the course of this winter that has finally reached its completion. Our eardrums are graced with four illustrious tracks that are oozing with laid back melodies. We are glad to have the chance to bring you an exclusive peek at this entire release because each song flows so seamlessly between one another. On ‘In-Between Dreams’ we also see guest features from Contra and Sarah Burns that add a great flavor to Thomas’ production. Blake Lockard Design and Invention worked together to whip up a new logo for Thomas as well as the art for the EP, while Ginjah Beard is to thank for the mastering. The video put together by Hedawn is a great partner to the title track as it truly gives you an insight into the mind of Thomas as his creative juices are flowing. Now lean on back and get lost in the musical crooning of Johnathan Thomas!

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