To get the ball rolling this week we are fortunate to have the opportunity to drop the curtains on a brand spankin’ new video from the genre blending trio lespecial. They have teamed up with Space Jesus and Knowledge Knights to deliver us some visual accompaniment for their latest single ‘Ransacked’ as they prepare to embark on their Out Here Boys 2K15 tour that will take all throughout the Northeast over the next couple months. The band delivers a stand out live performance that is infused with primordial percussion, synths, samples, and wide span of analog effects that are sure to catch your attention. Basically what we’re saying is that if any of these upcoming stops are in a town near you, you better go check things out. Tucked inside this new release you can expect to be dealt a swampy array of eastern infused bass vibes with a hefty backing of laid back hip hop mixed into the ether to keep your head nodding. The video provides a narrative for the ‘Out Here Boys’, three masked vigilantes that are tromping throughout a bleak and desolate winter landscape snatching up delicious sandwiches from beautiful vixens to offer as homage to a mystical genie. This ominous voyage is brought to a close as the trio has a run in with Space Jesus who flips the track on its head through injecting his outlandish remix into the mix. Before you dive in make sure you throw a lock on your fridge or scarf down that sub because no sandwich is safe from lespecial.

OutHereBoysTourVerticleFlyer copy

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