We have teamed up with Party Time Society once again to bring you guys another exclusive freebie! This one comes from the ever talented Mr. Jennings as he takes Sattva Ananda’s ‘Chiznickens’ and warps it into his own creation. He churns up a wonky outer space jam that is laced with key elements of the original while being spattered with his own unique glitched out bliss. This remix is one of many contributions to a whole entire batch of ‘Chiznicken’ remixes just released by Party Time Society which you can now get your hands on via Additech or Beatport. Each producer featured on this immersive nine track release brings a special stand out flavor of their own so we highly recommend scoping the entire album. Aside from Mr. Jennings we see Bionik, Subatomica, Conscious Kalling, Omega, Brian Mayhall, Sebby Frescoe, Loop Zeppelin, and Liquid Love Drops all swing through to pay homage to Chiznicken.

Download Mr. Jennings Remix Here

Chiznicken is a MASSIVE rootsy chicken demi god who lives in the land of Pimpsuria. All creatures throughout all the galaxies in the multiverse are born with a certain amount of Pimpsurance. Chiznicken is THE provider of Pimpsurance.

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