It was love at first listen: Los Angeles based producer ENDIGO claimed a special spot in my heart the moment I heard a clip of his most recent release, “The Seraph”. He’s about to earn a spot in yours, too. Haunting yet subtly optimistic, “Vessel” ft. Sinerise is an essential download for fans of the deeper side of the electronic music spectrum. ENDIGO’s ear for vocals is evidenced by Sinerise’s gorgeous role in the track: her voice floats dream-like above the sub bass and adds an eerily melodic element to the song. “Vessel” is absolutely a tune to meditate to.

Emerging dubstep collective MASS teamed up with THUMP to release “Vessel” for free in celebration of reaching 1000 likes on Facebook. Let ‘em know you appreciate it with your virtual thumbs up. Want to hear more from ENDIGO? His EP “The Breach” is available for free as well via the MASS Bandcamp.

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