If you’re a Denver local that is into rising hip hop then you are probably already aware of Planes!. If you don’t happen to know about this talented crew on the rise this should be a fitting introduction. This new video for ‘M.O.B.’ is the first taste of ‘R.I.C.O.’, their sophomore album that is due out sometime this Spring. Following up their debut release ‘New Batch’ from last year which put these guys on everyones radar this new one is sure to be a head turner. For those of you unfamiliar with Planes! it’s important that you understand these guys are more than just a hip hop group, they are a collective of artist that span everything from MC’s, to producers, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers. Pretty much any outlet you can think of these guys have a hand in it. ‘M.O.B.’ was chosen as the first single from the new album because it shows the groups new sound which is a sharp contrast to last year ‘New Batch’. To sum it up, they deliver us a hard hitting, trunk knocking hip hop track that is sure to have you throwing your hands up and turning up wherever it finds you. Hopefully this is enough to tide you over for the whole album because we know that after rinsing this single over and over we can’t wait to lay an ear on the entire release!

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