kLL sMTH has our heads spinning with this latest release. The ever talented Colorado based bass physicist has left us speechless once again by invading our brain with four new tracks that truly leave us wondering if he is of this planet. He is giving back to his fans for helping him reach 3000 likes on Facebook and 5000 followers on SoundCloud and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Each track on his new ‘Disheveled’ EP is a wondrous auditory adventure that is sure to leave some of you questioning what exactly is happening to your eardrums. kLL sMTH delivers his own unique flavor of outlandish, glitched out, bass fueled soundscapes, while infusing a few hints of hip hop and R&B into the mix along the way. We recommend cranking the volume up nice and high before you dive in so you can truly feel the essence of the in depth production going into each of these tracks. If you happen to find yourself in the Denver area on Wednesday come on down to The Illuminatorium at Cluster Studios where kLL sMTH will be joining AMB, Dillard, and a special guest for a unique leg of The Astronaut School Tour which will also feature live painting from the Welch Brothers! We will slide in a link below for those of you looking to grab yourselves a ticket.



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