You may have seen us hint at this a bit here and there over the past month, but alas we are ready to drop the curtains on a very special giveaway for all of our followers. 2015 is the year to quit smoking and start vaping. The Dankles has teamed up with L.A. based Vape Mod Manufacturer Chillum Vapor, to create their own custom edition of The “Tantra Mod”. Chillum Vapor loves The Dankles so much that they decided to dedicate their product to us. In celebration of this unique occasion, we’re announcing a rare opportunity to enter a contest to win the prized Dankles edition of The Tantra Mod below. There are multiple ways to enter so choose which option best suits you and get your name in the hat! Once the allotted time for the giveaway expires the winner will be notified and we will arrange the shipping of your brand spankin’ new custom ‘Tantra Mod’ from Chillum Vapors. Below we also slid in a little behind the scenes video of the creation process that goes into each mod they churn out incase you missed it in our first announcement. If you have any other questions be sure to find your way over to Chillum Vapors website where you should be able to find all of your answers.

The Dankles edition of The Tantra Mod by Chillum Vapor [EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY]

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