Alas, it’s that time of year again folks. Festival season is back and throughout the past month or so we have seen different events across the country drop the curtains on the first hints of their 2015 lineups. We are kicking things off this year by making our way out to Serenity Gathering. They have truly grabbed our attention over the past few weeks as they let loose the onslaught of talent whom will be gracing the grounds with their music this year. In just a few weeks festival goers from far and wide will be making their way to Southern California for a weekend of music fueled fun on the La Jolla Indian Reservation, just two hours south of LA, and an hour north of San Diego. Though this is a different site than last years festivities things are definitely shaping up to make this years event one for the books. From the looks of their lineup alone, this is not something you’re going to want to miss out on!

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Having just dropped the veil on the third and final phase of their line up, it’s clear they have put together a truly eclectic smorgasbord of producers from all reaches of the spectrum. Bass music fans are sure to be rejoicing because they have really covered all the bases when putting this lineup together. We are going to be blessed with sets from a vast array of heavy hitting artists to a sea of talented producers on the rise, all of whom are going to ensnare your eardrums all weekend long. Whether you’re into glitch hop, space bass, tribal bass, downtempo soundscapes, electro soul, funk, dubstep, or anything in between you are sure to find yourselves entertained all weekend by producers both known and unknown.

To bring happiness through the use of sound and human connection: May you never look at music the same.

                                                                          – Serenity Gathering

While a huge attraction for many of you will be the music, another great aspect of this event that makes it stand out from others is the emphasis on bringing together like minded people. As we mentioned before people will be converging from all over the world to come together for a weekend fueled by art and music so you can rest assured there will be an endless amount of beautiful new people to mingle with. That being said, if your mind is brought peace through immersing yourself in the vibrations of talented producers and the work of other visual artists, this is surely the place for you.


Though the musical presence is a big drive for a lot of people, the setting and location of a festival can truly make or break the weekend. It really can suck the energy out of things when you are not in a comfortable environment in which you can truly call home while you’re there. Thankfully, that’s not something you will have to worry about here at Serenity. We will find ourselves tucked away in lush green forests along the San Luis Rey River, in the heart of the La Jolla Indian Reservation. This beautiful backdrop is sure to bolster your energy and truly keep everyone in touch with the Earth as we celebrate the Pisces New Moon on such amazing grounds.


Now that the stage is set and you have a little bit of an idea of what to expect throughout the weekend, lets get to the music. With such a massive lineup, some of you might see it as a little overwhelming. I mean look at who is topping the bill; heavy hitters such as EOTO, Andreilien, Vibesquad, G Jones, Desert Dwellers, Mr. Bill, and Thriftworks will all be dishing out sets throughout the weekend and that’s only the beginning! There are so many talented producers making up this lineup we almost don’t know where to start. We know many of you are familiar with some of our longtime favorites like Amp Live, ChrisB., Goldrush, Jobot, Lafa Taylor, and Ill-esha (to only name a few) but what about some of these smaller underground producers? There are so many artists on the rise that will be gracing the stage throughout the weekend we want to make sure you don’t miss out on someones set that could truly make your weekend. While we ourselves are not even familiar with each and everyone of these artists we wanted to take a minute to spotlight some of our favorites that you won’t want to miss below is a playlist we put together!

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