We thought it would be nice to turn you guys on to a handful of new tunes to get the day started. If you’re into laid back, ambient soundscapes then you’re in for a treat because this young Brighton based record label is about to be your new favorite imprint. Just the other day SmallPrint Recordings debuted their latest compilation ‘SmallPrint Vol. 1’, and you better clear your schedule because you’re going to want to give this entire release your full attention. They have delivered us twenty lush new tracks from a selection of artists that have a knack for conjuring up the finest of future ambient sound. This is the first time many of these producers have come up on our radar so we suggest taking notes and further investigating each artist present on this compilation to see what else they have up their sleeve. Throughout ‘SmallPrint Vol. 1’ we are dealt magical tracks from Primate., Mumukshu, SeanotekLL sMTH, ETCH, Freud, Luo, KuduBlueEffluent, MarkaSpacedrome, Spectrum, and Integer. With this being the first release of theirs to come up on our radar we can confidently say we will be keeping a close eye on SmallPrint to see what else they bring to the table in 2015 so you should do the same!

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