One of our favorite labels up in the Northwestern United States is without a doubt the team at Dropping Gems. I first came across them on a trip out to Portland when I was visiting a friend a few years back and since then I have been hooked. While they don’t necessarily release a constant flow of material, whenever they do let loose a new release we find it hard to not find ourselves being absorbed by the left field production they often promote. Their latest release comes from Citymouth, a talented producer surfacing from the deep reaches of the interweb with a blissful, atmospheric, and ambient approach to music that really stands out. On this latest tape from his, ‘Astrocentric’ we are dealt a wide variety of glitched out and bubbly soundscapes that are fitting for just about any situation. Whether you’re meandering through the afternoon or winding down for the night this entire release is sure to bring joy to your ears as it whisks you off your feet and into the belly of Citymouth for a blissful auditory joyride.

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