Los Angeles based imprint//collective Stereocure has truly been on the forefront of sound recently. With a star studded roster of some of the most talented producers on the rise right now it’s no wonder they are beginning to gain some serious notoriety. Just recently they dropped the curtains on the third installment of their self titled compilation series ‘Stereocure Vol. 3’. We see a wide variety of downtempo, forward thinking, and alluring production surface on this release from Native Eloquence, A Sol Mechanic, Novelty Daughter, Bollywood Life, Leaftype, Flamingosis, Kuh Lida, Frugal Father, Peaks, Crystal Ghost, and RYV. Some of these producers may seem foreign to you but we are sure by the time you find your way through to the end of this compilation you will be delving further into some of their material. Thanks to the team at Stereocure you can grab each contribution to this compilation free of charge just like many of their other releases so keep an eye on them as I’m sure they are amassing quite the arsenal of sound to unleash upon our eardrums as the year rolls along.

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