If you’re lookin’ out for producers on the rise you should be keeping an eye on, we have a suggestion for you, check out um... This production duo just recently burst onto the scene with their own unique take on hyphy bass music.┬áBen Bruce and┬áDylan Gold make up this new production outfit and hot damn have they been making some serious noise the past couple months. They are coming for your eardrums in a big way with a style that is almost hard to categorize. If we had to put a cap on it we would land somewhere in the experimental trap realm of things, but it’s so much more than that. The infuse their material with all sorts of off kilter bass vibes that are sure to leave you going crazy whilst asking for more. As of now they only have a limited catalogue available via their SoundCloud but we are sure as 2015 carries along you will begin to see more and more quality material surface from them. For now check out their latest single ‘dont copy us’ along with a couple more of their releases we thought only right to slide in below.

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