We love coming across talented emcees that possess a flow which truly stands out from the pack. Thus is the case with our boy Bivienni here. As you dive in to ‘Everflowing Meditation’ you will be soon to have your ear drums tantalized by his versatile, on the cusp flow. He takes a crack at a wide variety of production and makes each track compiled on this mixtape unique in his own way. While tossing in a few remixes of other peoples tracks we are truly surprised at how well his style melds with so many different vibes. This body of work surfaced nearly a year ago and has yet to garner the recognition it deserves. While you cruise through each of the eleven tracks that make up ‘Everflowing Meditation’ keep in mind this is all material that is from October of 2012 to January of 2013. That being said we are truly to excited to hear what he has been working on lately and keeping under wraps. Keep an eye out for Bivienni because we are sure he will be making some serious noise once he lets loose some of his more recent material!

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