At the end of February we saw the release of a brand new batch of tracks from midliife. a talented young producer that has been churning up some truly whimsical tunes for our listening pleasure. We were first turned on to this aspiring artist through his releases with our friends over at Play It Louder (a worldwide collective//label of forward thinking producers on the rise) and since then he continues to amaze us with each bit of new material to see the light of day. His latest ‘Nights’ EP is a perfect introduction to his mellow toned atmospheric production. Each of the four tracks have their own unique voice and truly mesh together very well. Some may think downtempo beats such as these are best for winding down after a long day, but we disagree, any time of day is perfect to dive into this material if you’re looking to be whisked away into a dreamy wonderland. Soft textures, light vocals, and starry synths weave themselves in and out of the ether so take a slight break from reality and let these tunes wash over you.

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